Google Searches Work, But All the Result Links DON’T(BT Broadband)

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I was covering the phone for one of the days over the Christmas period, and a client had rang in with this problem, at first I thought it was simply an EDNS problem like this. However some testing proved DNS was working fine? Then I thought it was an Internet Explorer problem, until Chrome and Firefox did the same. I could go to Google and search for what I wanted,but all the links (and any other URL I tried, with the exception of YouTube strangely), would not work. SMTP/Email worked, as did FTP and everything else I tested? But HTTP and HTTPS would not, with the exception of Google/YouTube.

goolge links not working

So I knew the problem was either the router, (a Cisco 1800 with firewall IOS), or the ADSL circuit itself that was causing the problem.


As BT Business Broadband ADSL circuits don’t usually come with a Cisco Router, I thought if I rang them I’d get the “We didn’t supply or support that router” speech, so I got the client to dig out their supplied (2Wire) router, and asked him to ring BT while I was on-site.

While he was explaining the problem, the Engineer on the other end said, “Unplug the 2Wire and plug the Cisco router back in, I will ring you back…”. This was strange behavior for BT, and I thought we would be the victim of “BT Syndrome“, and sure enough five minutes later is magically fixed itself.

When BT rang back, they explained that this had been imposed on the client, because they were a ‘little late’ paying their bill, (there’s Christmas spirit for you).

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