HP 1810-8G Switch – Setup and Management


KB ID 0000732 


For such a ‘baby’ switch this has a LOT of features, I had to lock down the speed and duplex settings on one of the switch ports today. The main details you will be looking for are,

Default IP address =

Default Password = blank


1. Put yourself on the same network: Windows Key+R > ncpa.cpl {enter} > Right click your network connection > Properties > Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IP) > properties > Set yout IP to and set the subnet mask to > OK > OK.

IPv4 Settings Windows

2. Open a web browser and navigate to log in with a blank password.

1810 Switch default password

3. To Change the Switches IP: Setup Network

hp 1810-8G Change Speed and Duplex

4. To change Speed/Duplex Settings: Switching > Port Configuration

HP 1810 Port Settings

5. To change the password: Maintenance > Password Manager.

1810 Switch HP - Change Password

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