Windows Server – Disable IESC  (IE Enhanced Security Configuration)

KB ID 0000728 


We have had IESC (or IE Enhanced Security) in previous iterations of Windows Server, It is not a bad thing, in most cases you will not want people browsing the internet from a server anyway. Though when you have just built a server, and you are trying to get software and patches onto it it can be very annoying. With IESC enabled you will see this every time you visit a site;

IESC Web Browsing

Content from the website listed below is being blocked by the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration.

And this every time you try and download something;

IESC Download

You are attempting to download a file form a site that is not part of your Trusted Sites and that might be different from the website you are viewing.


1. From Server Manager (ServerManager.exe) > Local Server > IE Enhances Security Configuration > Then you can change the IESC for both administrators and normal users.

IESC Download

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