Windows Server – Where Has Disk Management Gone?

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Much as I like Server 2012, I’m stuck in my ways when it comes to admin tasks, when I want to do some disk management, I right click computer and select manage, and disk management is never far away. Until now where it’s nowhere to be seen.


Option 1 (The Tech Ninja Way)

Press Windows Key+R and Run diskmgmt.msc

Server 2012 diskmgmt.msc

Option 2 (The Lazy GUI Way)

Open the advanced context menu (Windows Key+X), select Disk Management.

Server 2012 Disk Management

Option 3 (The ‘I’m only including this to stop the pedants sending it in’ way)

Server 2012 Create and Format Disk Partitions

Press Windows Key+Q > In the search section type ‘disk manage’ > Select Settings > Select and format disk partitions.

Update 06/12/12

Email from Nick Keyzer

You can also move your mouse cursor to the bottom left corner of your screen. This will trigger the ‘start’ menu icon. Simply Right-Click the bottom left corner for additional management menus including ‘Disk Management’.

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