Windows ‘Where’s the Startup Folder?’

Windows 8 Shell Commands for ‘Special Folders’

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With Windows 7 (and earlier versions) you could simply find the startup folder from the start menu, now you don’t have one, (and its NOT on the Windows Key+X replacement menu either).


The simple answer to the question is,

Your user Startup folder is located at;

%appdata%MicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartup

The All users Startup folder is located at;

%ProgramData%MicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartUp

To access the Startup folder quickly

To open Your users Startup folder > Windows Key+R > shell:startup {Enter}.

Windows 8 Startup Folder

To open the All users Startup folder > Windows Key+R > shell:common startup {Enter}.

Windows 8 All Users Startup Folder

This works because the startup folder is listed as a ‘Special Folder’. There are a LOT of special folders you can open in that way, They are all listed in the following registry key:

HKLM > Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Explorer > FolderDescriptions

Shell Commands Special Folders

Windows 8 Special Folders for Shell Commands.

Here’s a few more if you want to play.

Windows 8 Specific Special Folders.

Application Shortcuts
Roamed Tile Images
Roaming Tiles

Special Folders that existed Pre Windows 8

AddNewProgramsFolder Administrative Tools AppData AppUpdatesFolder Cache CD Burning ChangeRemoveProgramsFolder Common Administrative Tools Common AppData Common Desktop Common Documents Common Programs Common Start Menu Common Startup Common Templates CommonDownloads CommonMusic CommonPictures CommonRingtones CommonVideo ConflictFolder ConnectionsFolder Contacts ControlPanelFolder Cookies CredentialManager CryptoKeys CSCFolder Desktop Device Metadata Store DocumentsLibrary Downloads DpapiKeys Favorites Fonts Games GameTasks History ImplicitAppShortcuts InternetFolder Libraries Links Local AppData LocalAppDataLow LocalizedResourcesDir MAPIFolder MusicLibrary My Music My Pictures My Video MyComputerFolder NetHood NetworkPlacesFolder OEM Links Original Images Personal PhotoAlbums PicturesLibrary Playlists PrintersFolder PrintHood Profile ProgramFiles ProgramFilesCommon ProgramFilesCommonX86 ProgramFilesX86 Programs Public PublicGameTasks Quick Launch Recent RecordedTVLibrary RecycleBinFolder ResourceDir Ringtones SavedGames Searches SearchHomeFolder SendTo Start Menu Startup SyncCenterFolder SyncResultsFolder SyncSetupFolder System SystemCertificates SystemX86 Templates User Pinned UserProfiles UserProgramFiles UserProgramFilesCommon UsersFilesFolder UsersLibrariesFolder VideosLibrary Windows

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