Redirect AnyConnect Browser Connections From HTTP to HTTPS

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AnyConnect, is great for users, but most of them are not used to typing full URL’s into their browsers. Modern browsers will prefix your URL with ‘http://’ for you. That’s brilliant most of the time, but AnyConnect and SSL VPN need to go to ‘https://’.

Wouldn’t it be good if your users typed into their browsers, and instead of the browser ‘helpfully’ changing that to, and it giving you an error message, the ASA redirected the traffic to automatically?


There is just one command to do this for you, and it’s ‘http redirect outside 80‘. Below I’ve enabled it then saved the change.

Sent username "pix"
Type help or '?' for a list of available commands.
PetesASA> enable
Password: ***********
PetesASA# configure terminal
PetesASA(config)# http redirect outside 80
PetesASA(config)# write mem
Building configuration...
Cryptochecksum: ac21d44c 109662c4 66495572 e5a106c7

49756 bytes copied in 3.540 secs (16585 bytes/sec)

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Author: Migrated

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