Find out your Cisco ASA version (Operating system and ASDM)

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With all the command changes that have come in in the past few versions, it seems when I get asked ‘how do you do xyz?” my first question is ‘What is the OS version on your ASA?’

So next time I get a blank look, I can just point them here.

Also see: ASA 5505 Determine Your License Version


Get your ASA version and ASDM version from the ASDM.

1. Connect to the ASA via ASDM.

2. Home > Device Dashboard > Device Information.

ASA Version Number

Get your ASA version and ASDM version from Command Line.

1. Connect to the ASA via CLI.

2. Execute the following command;

show ver

Note: This is the shortened version of ‘show version‘.

Find Cisco ASA Version Number

To download new ASA software go here, (Note: Valid Cisco Warranty/SmartNet, and CCO account required to download software).

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