Microsoft Autoroute Install Errors (Windows 8)

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I only use Autoroute once a month, (when I put my mileage in at work!). So this month I had a head slap when it was one of the bits of software I had forgotten to install on my freshly rebuilt laptop. So I fired up the setup for Autoroute 2007 and it failed.

So I moaned and was furnished with a shiny new copy of Autoroute 2011. But when I tried to install it, this happened.

Autoroute 2011 prerequisites failed to install.

Microsoft Autoroute 2011 Setup One of the prerequisite components failed to install. Setup will now exit.


It installed fine on my colleagues laptop so the problem had to be something to do with me. I did manage to get the product installed by running the data.msi file and installing the product that way, this got me further but then I got this error,

Autoroute 2011 Error 0x80070005

Microsoft Autoroute A licensing initialisation error has occurred. Please contact customer support for more assistance. Error 0x80070005

I got round that by installing in compatability mode, and running the install from command line admin mode. (Press Windows Key+X).

When I finally got the program installed, it would launch then crash. I installed it in a virtual machine and it worked faultlessly? I unistalled the product and compared my installed programs with the ones on my working virtual machine, I found that the C++ Distributable and the Microsoft Access database engine 2010 had different sizes? These were the prerequisites that Autoroute wanted to install at the very beginning.

So I unistalled everything ad tried to install the prerequisites manually, and then I located an issue,

Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010

You cannot install the 32 bit version of Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 because you currently have 64-bit Office products installed.

So (begrudgingly) I removed x64 office and installed x86 Office.

Downgrade Office to x86

Then the Access Database Engine Installed but the C++ wouldn’t! Because a newer version was installed.

Downgrade Office to x86

A newer version of Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable has been detected on the machine.

Microsoft could you please make this software MORE incompatible with MORE bits of your OWN software please, I’ve spent a large chunk of my morning trying to fix this now!

Fix the problem and get it installed.

1. Make sure you are running an x32 bit version of Office. (see above)

2. Press Windows Key+R > appwiz.cpl {enter}, Uninstall ALL the following if present,

Microsoft Office Access Database Engine. Microsoft Autoroute 2011. ALL Instanced off C++ Redistributable (all the x86 ones and All the x64 ones).

3. Reinstall Autoroute 2011.

4. Install the x64 bit C++ Redistributable from here.

Install C++

5. It should now work fine.


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