Add a 2012 Domain Controller to a 2008 Domain

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This is considerably less painfull than adding a 2008/2008 R2 domain controller to a 2003 domain was. You dont have to maually prep the schema on the schema master, or run forestprep and domainprep. The wizard does everything for you.


1. Launch server manager from the taskbar > Select Local Server > Manage > Add Roles and Features.

Server 2012 Add Role

2. Role Based… > Next.

Server 2012 Add Role and Feature

3. Select local server > Next.

Server 2012 Local Role

4. Tick ‘Active Directory Domain Service’ > Next.

2012 Active Directory Domain Services

5. Accept the defaults > Next.

2012 Domain Controller

6. Next.

AD DS Services 2012

7. Install.

Confirm active directory 2012

8. Installation may take a while.

Server2012 Install Active Directory

9. When finished nothing appears to change, but it does say “Suceeded” > Close.

Windows Server 2012 Add domain controller

10. Now the role is on the server you just need to promote it, you can do this by selecting AD DS in the left hand menu > and click ‘More’.

2012 Dcpromo

11. ‘Promote the server to a domain controller’

Windows Server 2012 Promote to DC

12. By default it will fill in the domain you are already a member of > Next

Add a 2012 Domain Controller

13. Enter your directory servies restore mode password (DON’T ever lose this password!) > Next.

2012 Restore Mode Password

14. I dont want anyone outside my domain browsing my domain so I don’t care about the delegation error > Next.

2012 DNS Options

15. If you want to reboot as soon at it’s finished tick the box, and (optionally) select a Dc to replicate from > Next.

Domain Controller Install From Media

16. Accept or change the paths as required > Next.

Active Directory Locations

17. Heres a nice touch, now it preps the forest, schema, and domain for you > Next.

2012 Forest and Domian Prep

18. Next.

Review Install Options

19. Install (I’d suggest a reboot when its done).

Install 2012 DC in a 2008 Domain

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