Windows – Adding Unallocated Drive Space “From the left”

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On my Windows Dual boot machine I wanted to give some more drive space to the Windows 8 installation. After shrinking the Windows 7 volume, I found out that I could not extend the Windows 8 partition to take up the free space.

Windows Unallocated Space on the left

If the unallocated space was on the right of my partition it would have been fine.


This is a problem with Windows and cannot be done via ‘Disk Management’ or using Diskpart.

1. Download a copy of AOMEI Partition Assistant, and install it.

Step 1 Move the Windows Partition to the left

2. Launch the software, select the partition you want to move> Right click > Move Partition.

Move Windows Partition

3. Click and drag the required partition all the way over to the left > OK.

Windows SLide Partition to the left

Step 2 Resize the Partition

4. Now the partition is in the right place, you will want to add the free space > Right click > Resize Partition.

Windows 8 resize partition

5. This time click and drag the handle on the right hand side of the drive to take up all the fee space > OK.

GUI Partition Resize.

6. To commit the changes > Apply > OK.

Commit Partition Resize

7. You will be prompted to reboot, do so.

Reboot for New Partition

8. After the reboot the software will launch and make the partition changes (THIS CAN TAKE A LONG TIME!).

Partitions Resizing

9. When complete press any key to reboot, don’t panic if either Windows Startup Repair launches, or Windows chkdisk runs, just let it do its own thing. When you are back in Windows your partitions should have resized and be in the right place.

Windows 8 Partitions Moved.

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