Windows – How to Join a Wireless Network

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You can still right click the networking icon in your task tray and manually join a wireless network, but with the new UI there is a much more user friendly way.


1. Bring up the Settings menu (Press Windows Key+I, or swipe in form the left on a tablet/tablet) > Select the available networks icon.

Windows 8 Available Networks

2. Select the wireless network you want to connect to.

Window 8 Scan for SSID

3. If you want to always connect to this network tick the box and select ‘Connect’.

Windows 8 View Wireless Networks

4. If your router has a PIN number for access (check its documentation) then you can enter that here, and follow the instructions. The PIN number is usually shown on the router/access point on a sticker. However if you use a WEP or WPA password, then select ‘Connect using security key instead’.

Note: The system for joining a wireless netork using a PIN number, is very insecure! just to a Google search for “hacking wireless with reaver”, I suggest you disable this feature if you can.

Windows 8 Enter Router PIN

5. Type in your WEP/WPA Key > Next.

Windows 8 Enter WPA Key

6. All being well, you should now be connected.

Windows 8 successfully joined wireless network

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