Outlook Install Error ‘Outlook may not be installed with a newer version of Outlook’

KB ID 0000665 Dtd 29/08/12


I saw this whilst installing Office 2010 x32 on a machine today.

Outlook - Newer version of Outlook


1. In my case I had just removed Office 2010 x64, (I needed the x32 bit version for some PST/MAPI stuff). So I knew that there was not a version of office installed.

Note: If you are unsure, click Start > appwiz.cpl {enter} and MAKE SURE. Remember most PC’s come with a trial version of Office these days, and that’s the most likely culprit!

2. Once you have discounted the obvious, make sure you DO NOT have any ‘Collaboration and Data Objects’ still installed, if so remove them (that was my problem).

Collaberation Data Objects

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Author: Migrated

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