Windows Mail can’t connect to Exchange

KB ID 0000662


Seen when trying to connect the Windows 8 mail client to Exchange 2010 (that is using a self signed certificate).

Windows 8 Mail Unable to Connect


Unable to connect. Ensure that the information you’ve entered is correct.


This is a right pain! My Exchange 2010 server is using a self signed certificate, and even though the Windows 8 client trusts my domain CA, and it has imported the cert that Exchange is using, it still would not work.

Import Certificate

I Know the cert is OK, Outlook Web Access and Outlook work fine without reporting any certificate errors. I even put the CA FQDN in the Windows 8 hosts file in case it needed to see that (because I read that the problem is related to the client not being able to see the CA’s certificate revocation list).

Host File for CA

Resolce CA Name with hosts file

The only way I found to cure this problem, and let me successfully connect to Exchange, is to remove the self signed certificate and use a purchased certificate.

Purchase your Exchange certificate here.

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