IIS – ‘This Web site cannot be started. Another Web site may be using the same port’.

KB ID 0000660 


After being unable to access my Exchange Management console, it turns out the default website had stopped. When I attempted to start it I was greeted with this error.

This web site cannot be started


1. Nothing was using the usual web ports (80 and 443) which I found out by running the following two commands;

netstat -aon | find “:80″</p> <p>netstat -aon | find “:443”

Note: If you do have a process using these ports, it will be sown with its PID. To find out what that PID is, right click your Task bar > Launch Task Manager > Processes Tab > View > Select Columns > Turn on the PID column > locate the PID and investigate.

2. My problem was there was a ‘Binding’ to https that had no information in it? Right click the website > Edit Bindings > here you can remove any spurious entries. (Warning: if you’re unsure, document any binding before you remove it – just in case).

IIS Site Bindings

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