Windows Enabling “Show Hidden Files” and “Show File Extensions”

KB ID 0000655 


 Windows, by.default hides file extensions.

Note: Only for files it understands.
e.g. In the example below it does not know what a .doc extension is so it shows it (because Word has not been installed yet).

Show File Extensions

Hidden Files Windows 8

Also hidden files and folders are not shown.

Show Hidden Files and Folders

Hidden Hidden Windows 8


I know these are two different things, but I usually set them both together, and they’re both set on the same menu.

1. Open Windows Explorer by pressing the Windows Key+E.

2. View > Options > Select the drop down arrow > View.

To Show Hidden files and folders select “Show Hidden Files, folders and drives“.
To Show
File Extensions UNTICKHide extensions for known file types“.

3. Apply > OK > Close Windows Explorer.

Windows 8 turn on file extensions and hidden files

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