Cisco AnyConnect – Untrusted VPN Server Blocked!

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The newest versions of the AnyConnect client now show you the following;

AnyConnect - Untrusted VPN Server Blocked

If you are seeing this you’re using the (default) self signed certificate, or you connected to an IP address rather than the FQDN. But unlike before, you can now ‘lower’ the security so it does not warn you every time.


1. From the warning screen (shown above) select ‘Change Settings…’.

2. Untick the ‘Block connections to untrusted servers’ option.

Option - Block connections to untrusted servers

Or if you are on OSX

Mac OSX Allow Unsigned AnyConnect

3. Now when you connect, you get the option of suppressing the warnings for this VPN connection.

AnyConnect - Always Trust this VPN server and import the cetificate

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