Dell PowerEdge – PERC RAID Card Importing / Using ‘Foreign’ Disks

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I bought some SAS disks from eBay to go in my Power Edge 2900 Server, and scratched my head for a while trying to get the PERC RAID controller to use them. I could only see them marked as ‘Foreign’. Probably because they did not have their original config ‘wiped’ off them before I bought them.

Foreign Disks PERC


1. Boot the server, Press CTRL+R when prompted, then press ‘C’ to enter the Configuration Utility.

WARNING: DONT clear the config on the controller or you lose ALL your Virtual Disks / Arrays.

Controller Clear Config

2. Select the controller > F2 > Foreign Config > Clear > Confirm.

Dell PERC Clear Foreign Config

3. You can now add the disk(s) as a new Virtual Disk.

Dell Create New Array / Virtual disk

4. I’m just presenting one 300GB SAS disk as RAID0 here.

Dell New Virtual disk

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