Trend Micro (Worry-Free Business Security) Cannot Remove Agent

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While working on a badly Malware affected server the other day, I tried to resurrect the Trend Micro Security Agent. It refused to run, so I attempted to remove it. Then I could reinstall it cleanly. (I knew the password that it required for removal). However this it what happened when I tried;

Can't Remove Trend

Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Agent Setup
Unable to Uninstall

An error has stopped the removal of the Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Agent. No changes have been made to this computer. Please contact Trend Micro for help.

Click the button below to close this window.


This procedure was carried out on Worry-Free Business Security Version 7.

1. Download and extract this zip file, (password novirus) to your desktop.

2. Run the SA_Uninstall_2360.exe file, it will create a folder on your desktop called SA_Uninstall.

Force Remove Trend Worry-Free Agent

3. Open that folder and run the ‘uninstall.bat’ file.

Manual Trend Agent Removal

4. Press a key when prompted, then enter ‘Y’ to reboot.

Manually Remove Trend Worry-Free Agent

5. Post reboot, I went back to Add/Remove programs, and it was still there! however now it let me uninstall it without error.

6. I now went to the server running the Worry-Free console, and pushed out a fresh agent to this machine, updated it, and did a full manual scan.

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