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I use Media Center a lot, and the one thing that bugs me is, every time I add a new film or TV series etc, I have to restart Media Center, restart services, or reboot the entire media PC before I can see them in the list.

After some searching it appears that Media Center uses the same repository/database of media that Windows Media Player uses. There is a convoluted method of stopping services, deleting files and restarting everything that will fix the problem.

However that is a pain, as when I’ve fired up Media Center it’s because I want to watch a film, or listen to some tunes, not start manually messing about with services and deleting cached copies of stuff.

So I wrote a script to do it all for me, and seeing as I couldn’t find one anywhere else, I tarted it up a bit, and made it easy to install. You can launch it from an icon on your desktop, it will stop Media Center, flush the cache, then restart Media Center for you.


1. First download this zip file and extract the contents to your desktop.


2. From within the ‘Refresh Media Library’ folder double click the install.bat file (this will copy the needed files to your “Program Files” folder and drop the shortcut on your desktop).


3. Whenever you want to update the Media Center Library simply run the script form the shortcut on your desktop.


4. After it’s completed it will launch Media Center for you. Once installed you can safely delete the ‘Refresh Media Library’ folder.


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