Windows – Using the Same Keyboard and Mouse Across Multiple Machines

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Here’s the setup I have on my desk at home,

PeteLong's Desk

When I’m working from home and my laptop is docked (as shown). I wanted to use my main keyboard, (Logitech G15) and mouse (Cyborg R.A.T. 9), to control both the main PC and my work laptop.

As it turned out when I finished I could also use the laptop keyboard and touch pad to control the main PC as well, and I could drag and drop files between desktops.


1. Download Microsoft Mouse Without Borders, it does not really matter which machine you install it on first, I chose the main PC. Run the setup file and accept all the defaults.

Mouse Without Borders

2. I hadn’t, so I clicked no.

Mouse Without Borders Setup

3. Fair enough, I left this on the main screen and installed the software on my laptop.

Mouse Without Borders Security Code

4. Post laptop install, select yes.

Mouse Without Borders Get Started

5. Supply the code and computer name from the main PC, Click Link. (Note: mine failed for a while because XPS-630i responds from the internet! so I had to put it in my hosts file you should NOT have this problem).

Mouse Without Borders Security Code

6. Next.

Mouse Without Borders Security Almost Done

7. Done.

Mouse Without Borders Security Done

8. After a few seconds the settings panel will launch, you can DRAG your machines into the right order > Apply.

Mouse Without Borders Security Set Order

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