Event ID 62464 ‘Source amdkmdag’

KB ID 0000613


My laptop has an annoying habit of ‘freezing” and requiring a manual power off and back on again to get it working (HP Probook 6560b).

A look in the system log yielded hundreds of event ID 62464 errors.

Event 62464

Log Name: System
Source: amdkmdag
Date: xx/xx/xxxx xx:xx:xx PM
Event ID: 62464
Task Category: DVD_OV
Level: Information
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: xxxxxxxxx
UVD Information 


It seems I’m not the only one, a quick internet search turned up a few people with the same problem. However all the other posts were advocating disabling the logging of the error. I’m not a fan of disabling error logging no matter how ‘Spammy’ it is.

It’s obviously being generated by my graphics driver, so a look there told me what version I was running. (Start > Run devmgmt.msc {Enter}).

Radeon HD 6470M

I went to HP and downloaded the latest published AMD driver they had, and rebooted, problem solved.

Updated Driver ATI Radeon

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