Windows SBS – Moving the Windows Software Update Services Database (SUSDB.mdf)

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Last week a client rang in to say their servers system drive was running out of room. A quick scan showed me the biggest thing on there was a 12 GB database called SUSDB.mdf.

A few searches told me what I’d already guessed from the name, WSUS was the offender, so I set about moving it to their data drive that had lots of free space.


1. Launch the Windows SBS Console > Backup and Server Storage > Server Storage > Move Windows Update Repository Data.

Windows SBS Console

2. If you are using third party backup software you may see this warning > OK.

Server Backup is not configured

3. Locate the Drive you want to Migrate TO and select it > Next.

SBS Drive Space

4. This will move a few GB of data across to the new location. However it does NOT move the database itself.

Windows SBS 2008 Move Update Repository

5. To actually move the Database > Start > All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server 2005 > SQL server Management Studio Express, (Note: You may need to run as administrator).

Windows SBS SQL Management Studio

6. Change the server name to the following and log in.



7. Expand Databases > Locate the SUSDB Database > Right Click > Detach.

Detatch SUSDB

8. Tick the “Drop Connections” box > OK.

Drop Database

9. I suggest you COPY the database from the system drive to the new drive.

Move SUSDB.mdf

10. Once its moved across, back in the SQL management studio > Right click Databases > attach.

SQL Attach Database

11. Add.

SQS SQL Add Database

12. Browse to the NEW location of the SUSDB.mdf file > OK.

susdb.mdf file

13. OK.

Add WSUS Database

14. Once the database is successfully added back in you can go back to the system drive and delete the original WSUS database.

Delete old copy of susdb

15. When finished, it’s good practice to tidy up the database > From within the Window Server Update Services Console > Options > Server Cleanup Wizard.

WSUS Server Cleanup Wizard

16. Select All > Next > Prepare to wait A LONG TIME (this will probably take a few hours!)

SBS Cleanup Wizard

17. When its finished you should see something like this.

Compress WSUS DB

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