Delete Local ‘Cached’ Copies of User Profiles with Group Policy

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I have a client who manages the network at a school. They wanted to stop the profiles of their users being cached, in either the c:documents and settings or c:users folders (depending on the version of Windows and profile the users were using).


1. Log into a domain controller or a machine running the RSAT tools, Start > Administrative Tools > Group Policy Management > Either edit an existing group policy, or create a new one that is linked to your COMPUTERS.

Create a New Group Policy Object

2. If creating new policy, give it a sensible name > OK

GPO Name

3. Edit the relevant policy.

Edit a Group Policy

4. Navigate to;

Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > System > User Profiles

Locate and edit “Delete User Profiles older than a specified number of days on system restart”.

Delete User Profiles

5. Enable the policy and set it to 1 (24 hours) > Apply > OK.

Delete cached copies of roaming profiles

6. Then edit the “Delete cached copies of roaming profiles” and enable that policy. (This will stop the copies caching locally as the user logs on) > Apply > OK.

Stop local polices being saved

7. Close the policy editor. Then get the clients to reboot, wait a couple of hours, or manually run “gpupdate /force” on them.

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