Apple Devices will not Update Though Cisco ASA and CSC Module

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I had a client with this problem the other week, we tracked the problem to the ASA&CSC by simply bypassing the CSC module for the the IP address of the device.

So I knew the problem WAS the CSC but not why, or how to fix it. The client in question had a valid SmartNet so they called TAC for a resolution.


It turns out that this is a bug, that was first found in CSC version 6.3.1172.4 (at time of writing we are on version 6.6.1125.0). It does not mention Apple devices, it’s a problem with downloading .tgz files. If you want to go and hunt the bug report it’s (CSCtq46443). But there is a work around.

1. Connect to the web management console of the CSC module (port 8443 by default).

2. Navigate to > Web (HTTP) > Scanning.

3. Place a tick in the “Enable deferred scanning for files larger than” > And set the value to 2MB > Save.

Apple update thorugh CSC


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Thanks to David Mulholland.

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