HP / 3COM – Setup the V1910-24G Switch

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I was surprised this week when I went to fit one of these switches, I know HP bought 3Com some time ago but when I popped open the HP box I did not expect to see a 3Com switch.

Anyway, heres a very quick run down on initial setup (assign IP and secure the system passwords).


1. On the chassis locate the sticker with the serial number on it, on here it will show you the IP address that its set to by default, this is an IP in the 169.254.x.x range so providing you have a laptop/PC set up for DHCP simply connect it to the Switch (any port) and you can open a web browser session to it.

3com login

2. Default access is user name admin with a blank password.

3com login

3. To change the password, select Users >Modify.

3com login

4. Select the admin user and change the password below. Note: You can add additional users here as well.

3com login

5. To change the management IP address, select Network > VLAN Interface > Modify.

3com login

6. Out of the box you will only have one VLAN, change the setting to manual.

3com login

7. Set the required IP and Subnet mask > Apply (At this point you will be kicked out of the management console, connect the switch to your live network and you will be able to connect to its new address).

3com login


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