Event ID 9327

KB ID 0000480 


Seen when an Exchange server attempts to build the Offline Address book but encounters an error.

event id 9327

Source: MSExchangeSA
Event ID: 9327
Task Category: (13)
Level: Warning
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
OALGen skipped some entries in the offline address list 'Global Address List'. To see which entries are affected, event logging for the OAL Generator must be set to at least medium. 

This is just an instruction to enable logging so that you can see the REAL error.


Option 1 Enable Logging via the Exchange Management Shell

1. Launch the Exchange Management Shell and check the current logging level it will probably be set to “Lowest” Issue the following command:


Then scroll down to “MSExchangeSAOAL Generator” and check its status.

outlook address list logging

2. To turn the logging Level Right up issue the following command:

Set-EventLogLevel -Identity “MSExchangeSAOAL Generator” –Level Expert

OAL Logging

Option 2 Enable Logging via the Exchange Management Console

1. Launch the Exchange Management Console > Server Configuration > Right click the offending server > Manage Diagnostic Logging Properties > Expand MSExchangeSA > Select OAL Generation > Tick Expert > Configure > Finish.

OAL Generation

Then rebuild the Offline address Book

1. Launch the Exchange Management Console > Organization Configuration > Offline address book Tab > Right click “Default Offline address Book” > Update.

update OAB

2. Select “Yes” when prompted.

regenerate address boot

3. Wait a few minutes the re-check the server application log, you will see this error again but there should be a more descriptive error near it to let you know what is failing.


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