Event ID 6 and 13

KB ID 0000473 


Event ID 6

Source: Microsoft-Windows-CertificateServicesClient-AutoEnrollment


Automatic certificate enrollment for local system failed (0x800706ba) The RPC server is unavailable.

Event ID 6


Event ID 13

Source: Microsoft-Windows-CertificateServicesClient-CertEnroll


Certificate enrollment for Local system failed to enroll for a DomainController certificate with request ID N/A from {hostname}{name of CA}(The RPC server is unavailable. 0x800706ba (WIN32: 1722)).

Event ID 13



Note: The pertinent information in the Event ID 13 above is 0x800706ba there are Other causes of this Event ID make sure yours is the same.

In my case I had an Exchange server that was using a certificate that had been “self signed”. And the Root CA that signed the certificate had been ungracefully removed from the domain. Take a note of the Root CA name from the Event ID error shown arrowed).

1. Launch Active Directory Sites and Services” > Select the top level object > View > Show Services Node.

Show Services Node

2. Expand Services > Public Key Services > AIA > Delete the “Problem CA”.

Delete old CA

3. Then select “Enrollment Services” > Delete the “Problem CA”.

Deelte OLD CA

If you have a New CA (in this example you would have seen it in step 2), then DO NOT perform the next two steps!!!

4. Providing you DONT have a CA now, select “Certificate Templates” and delete them all.

Delete cert templates

5. Providing you DONT have a CA now, select “Public Key Services” and delete the NTAuthCertificates item.

Delete NTAuthCertificates

6. To tidy up, (On the server logging the error) run the following command:

certutil -dcinfo deleteBad


7. Finally on the server logging the error run the following command to update the policies:

gpupdate /force

Force Policy Update

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