Event ID 2937

KB ID 0000448 


Event ID 2937

Process edgetransport.exe () (PID=6156). Object [CN={mailbox database name},CN=Databases,CN=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT),CN=Administrative Groups,CN={domain},CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC={domain},DC=com]. Property [PublicFolderDatabase] is set to value [{domain}.org/Configuration/Deleted Objects/Public Folder Store (EXCH2K3) DEL:b60ef8b9-09dd-41c5-9aec-af2a4cc4f33e], it is pointing to the Deleted Objects container in Active Directory. This property should be fixed as soon as possible.

event id 2937

In my case I had a mailbox database that was looking at a public folder database, that no longer existed. (It was on the old/removed Exchange 2003 server).


Disclaimer: OK this error comes in a lot of forms, and references lots of different processes other than edgetransport.exe. I tried all the stuff I found online to try and fix the problem. But non of them worked, (this error gets logged when the Exchange services start).

In the end I fixed it myself, and it was annoyingly easy.

1. Look in your error message to see the “Mail Database” that’s complaining, (In this example it’s called “Mailbox Database 1507786053”).

2. Launch Exchange system Manager > Organization Configuration > Mailbox > Database Management > Select the offending database > Right click > Properties > Client Settings.

change pf database and offline address book

3. Under “Default Public Folder Database” > Browse > Locate and select a live public folder database.

change defult public folder database

4. Then restart Exchange services (Or reboot).


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