SmoothWall – Allowing Windows Updates and Windows Activation

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I’ve had fun this week installing a new virtual environment for a client with a SmoothWall firewall. It took a call to SmoothWall support for me to get Windows updates to work, then after activating a few 2008 R2 servers via phone, I was motivated to get online activation running as well.

Windows Activation Error – (We are being blocked by the SmoothWall Proxy).


A problem occurred when Windows tried to activate. Error Code 0x8004FE33

Windows Update Error – (We are being blocked by the SmoothWall Proxy).

Error Code 0x8004FE33

A error occurred while checking for new updates for your computer Code 80072EFD


1. Connect to the web management console of the SmoothWall. Select Guardian > User defined categories.

smoothwall guardian

2. Select the “User Defined Categories” tab.

User Defined Categories

3. Give the Category a name > Set Filter type to “Content and URL filtering” > Copy and paste in the domains listed below > Then click “Add”.

Content and URL filtering

Domains Required for Windows Update

Domains Required for Windows Activation

Note: These are the top level domains.

4. Select the “Filters” tab > Give it a name > Set the filter type to “Content and URL filtering” > Expand “Good” content > Tick “Software Updates”.

allow updates through firewall

5. Scroll down and expand “User Defined” > Locate the user defined category you created in step 3 and tick it > Click Add.

User Defined

6. Select the Policy tab > Groups = All groups > Change the filter to the one you created in step 4 > Time period = Always >Action = Allow > Tick “Enabled” > Add.

firewall filter

7. From the menu select Guardian > Authentication > Settings.

smoothwall authentication

8. Scroll down to the “Do not require authentication for these domains….” section > Paste in the domains you also pasted in in step 3 > Click “Save and Restart”.

Do not require authentication for these domains


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