Error While Attempting to Access a Windows Share

KB ID 0000439


While attempting to connect to a Windows share you receive the error.

Windows cannot access

Windows cannot access {target machine name} Check the spelling of the name. Otherwise there might be a problem with your network. to try to identify and resolve network problems, click diagnose.

if you click “Diagnose” you will see the following,


Error code: 0x80070035 The network path was not found.

Note: You may also find that if you attempt to connect a share or map a drive via the target machines IP address it works fine.


1. Firstly I’m assuming you have used the correct target machine name (can you ping the target server by its name?)

2. Make sure the Computer Browser Service is both enabled and running.


3. On both the source and target machine, make sure NETBIOS over TCP/IP is enabled.

netbion over TCP

4. Finally of none of the above have worked, drop to command line and issue the following two commands. (Note: before proceeding take note of the machines IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS settings (from command line run “ipconfig /all”).

netsh winsock reset netsh int ip reset c:tempresetlog.txt

winsock reset

5. Reboot the server.

WARNING: When the server has rebooted, it will come back up with a DHCP address, if this is a server or machine that has a static IP address, you will need to re-enter the correct details post reboot.

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