Enabling Tape Drives on vSphere Hosts

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Over the next few weeks I’ve got a couple of Hewlett Packard LTO Ultrium 5 Tape drives to deploy with ESXi 4.1 U1. These will work just fine, there is however a problem presenting SCSI U320 drives now, so thanks to my colleague (Andrew Dorrian) for giving me the heads up on the problems I would face with older drives.

Make sure you have enabled SSH access on your ESX Host.

Note: With the release of vSphere 5 tape drives are NO LONGER SUPPORTED. (Ref)

vsphere tape drive support


1. Connect to the host via SSH

2. Log in and issue the following command:

esxcli nmp satp deleterule –satp VMW_SATP_ALUA –claim-option tpgs_on

3. Make sure any other guests on this host are either shut down, or vMotion them to another host and issue the following command (or restart from the VI client).


4. Then, as with previous versions of ESX, you can add the SCSI device to your guest VM (Edit settings > Hardware Tab > Add > SCSI Device).

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