Freecom Tough Drive – Remove Password and CD Drive

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I’m a big fan of Tough Drives! My old 260GB was getting a bit full – so I bit the bullet and replaced it with a shiny new Tough Drive Sport 750GB.

freecom hard drive protector

As it comes with password protection I turned this on – fast forward to the next day (this morning) and it’s bugging the hell out of me. I mailed the nice folk at Freecom and within twenty minutes they mailed me back with instructions to remove. (Top customer service guys!)


1. First you need to disable the password feature (if you still have it enabled), plug in the drive, locate the password CD drive and open it.

password cd drive

2. Run the password software.


3. Select “Remove password protection”.

remove password protection

4. Tap in the password.

freecom password

5. Nice! Press finish.

disable freecom password

6. Download this software and extract it to your PC.

password software removal tool

7. Now there are two versions, if you run the wrong one you will simply see this error.

wrong version

8. When the software has done its stuff, you should see this.

uodate freecom evice

9. Navigate to C:WindowsTemp and delete any instance of password.exe

disable password

10. Click Start > All Programs > Startup > Delete the entry for “Password”.

remove password

11. Reboot your machine, and you are password (and drive) free 🙂

password gone


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Thanks to support at Freecom


Author: Migrated

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