Ubuntu – Adding your domain user to the welcome screen

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I’m far to lazy to type my user name in every time I start up, I tried and searched for a solution to no avail, I asked on the ubuntu forums and user KryTarik pointed me at the document I needed.


1. The settings are stored in /etc/gdm/custom.conf

locate custom.conf

2. We need to edit that file (Applications > Accessories > Terminal), and execute the following command.

3. I am going to add my domain user object, and hide the local user I created, by adding the following.

[greeter] Include=pete@domain-name.com Exclude=pete

edit custom.conf

3. To save press CTRL+X, then Y, then {enter} > Then reboot with the following command.

sudo reboot

4. And when it comes back up, there’s your domain user.

ubuntu display domain user


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