Connecting Evolution Mail Client to Exchange 2010 (and Exchange 2007)

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Out of the box Evolution can only connect to Exchange 2000 and Exchange 2003, this is because it uses OWA to connect, when Exchange 2007 was released, the way OWA was presented changed a great deal. So if you try and connect to a newer version of Exchange it will error. (Before you email in, I know in 2010, its now called Web App not OWA).

But there’s nothing to stop you connecting to Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 via MAPI, you just have to add a few packages first.

I originally wrote this a while back for version 10, but I’ve updated it for version 11.10. I’ve left the earlier version 10 notes below.


Ubuntu Version 11.10

1. If Evolution is not already installed, Launch the Ubuntu Software Manager and search for Evolution > Install.

ubuntu software center

2. You will need to enter your password.

evolution mail and calender

3. After a few minutes it should get a green tick to say its been installed.

install evolution

4. In addition you need to locate and install the “Evolution support for the groupware suite”.

Evolution for Exchange

5. When complete launch Evolution.

Launch Evolution

6. At the welcome screen it asks you to click forward, (That’s what the button used to say). But it’s now “Continue”.

Ubuntu Evolution

7. You can restore form a backup, but I’ve not got one > Continue.

Evolution from Backupr

8. Type in your name and email address > Continue.

Evolution email details

9. Now change the server to “Exchange MAPI” > Give it the name/IP of your Exchange server and your domain details > Authenticate > Enter your domain password > And it should say successful > Continue.

Evolution Exchange MAPI

10. Set your email account requirements > Continue.

Evolution interval

11. Give the account a name, by default it will be your email address, but you can change it > Continue.

Evolution Account Name

12. Apply.

Evolution to Exchange 2010

13. Before Evolution launches it will ask for your domain password (Mine never changes so I’m ticking the remember password option, you might NOT want to do this) > And I’m setting Evolution as the default email client.

Evolution Authenticate to Exchange

14. An there is my inbox.

Evolution Inbox

15. And it will pull down the GAL from Exchange, as well as your personal contacts.

Evolution Global address List

16. After a short while it will also sync and display your Exchange calendar.

Evolution Exchange Calendar

In this example I’m using Ubuntu version 10

1. First you need to add in the “evolution-mapi” package > System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager. (You may need to provide a password to proceed).

Package Manager

2. Locate the “evolution-mapi” package.

Mapi Exchange Ubuntu

3. Mark it for installation.

Mark for Install

4. You may have to agree to install some dependant packages > do so.

packages for ubuntu

5. Ensure that evolution-mapi is now ticked and click “Apply”.

evolution mapi

6. The packages will download and install.


7. Now you can launch Evolution > It should run the “Setup Assistant” > Forward. (Note: If you’re adding an additional account simply open Evolution > Edit > Preferences > Mail accounts > Add).

Evolution Exchange 2007

8. We are not restoring > Forward.

Restore Evolution

9. Type in your name and email address, this is going to be or default account so leave the default option ticked > Forward.

Evolution Domain Credentials

10. Change the server type to “Exchange MAPI” > Enter the server name/IP address, your domain user name, and the name of the domain > Authenticate.

Evolution Exchange Authentication

Note: If it fails at this point, it may say “Authentication failed. MapiLogonProvider:MAPI_E_LOGON_FAILED

11. Enter the correct password for your domain account, tick the option to remember the password (Note: if you domain password changes often you might not want to do that) > OK.

Evolution Exchange Password

12. All being well, you should see a successful result > OK > Forward.

Exchange MAPI Ubuntu

13. Set the options as you require, these would be my personal preference > Forward.

ubuntu Exchange 2010

14. Give the mail account a sensible name > Forward.

Evolution Exchange 2010

15. After a couple of minutes there’s your mailbox.

Evolution Exchange Mailbox

16. And Your Exchange 2010 Calendar sync’d.

Evolution Exchange Calendar

17. And your contacts and address lists. (Note: The Exchange Global Address List, can take a couple of restarts before it starts to sync properly).

contacts and address lists


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