Mail Error “Corrupt Content Alert”

KB ID 0000370 


Seen when receiving mail though an Exchange server running McAfee Groupshield version 7

Corrupt Content Alert



1. On the server in question launch the Groupshield Management console > Select On-Access > Master Policy.

Groupshield OnAccess

2. Select “Corrupt Content”.

mcafee corrupt content

3. Edit.

shot corrupt content

4. Change the drop down to “Allow Through” > Save.

allow corrupt content

5. Finally make sure you click “Apply”.

apply changes to groupshield

Note: I’ve seen posts that suggest you may also need to apply McAfee hotfix 447121 for this to work, I did NOT have to do this on the following version…

groupsheild find version

though at the time of writing version 7.0.1 has already been released, so I’d suggest simply rolling up to that.


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Author: Migrated

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