Windows XP (Safe Mode) Cannot access USB Drive(Access Denied)

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A few weeks back I was working on a Windows XP machine that had been infected with some rogue AV spyware, I was having no luck installing my usual cleaning tools so I booted to safe mode, I have a USB thumb drive that I keep a set of up to date AV/Spyware tools on for this very purpose, but the machine did not want to let me open it.

access denied to usb



1. OK, I admit this is not really a “Fix”, more a work around, but lets be honest how often are you in safe mode accessing USB drives? I’m guessing the route of the problem is the removable storage process won’t be running and is set this way in safe mode. So rather than start hacking the registry to get that service started. Simply right click the drive and choose “Explore” (annoyingly simple eh!).

explore usb drive


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