iPhone – Taking Screenshots / Screendumps

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All iPhones (above version 2 on 3G, 3GS and iPhone4) have the ability to take screenshots without having to download an app!


1. Assuming you have the screen open you would like to capture, press the “Home” button, and while still having it pressed briefly press the “Sleep/Lock” button

iphone screenshot

2. The screen should “flash white” briefly and providing you are not on silent, you should hear the camera shutter.

3. You can take multiple images and they will be stored in Photos > Camera Roll.

camera roll

4. Should you wish to get them to your PC/Laptop simply connect via USB and with windows explorer navigate to my computer and open your iPhone.

iphone in explorer

5. Expand Internal Storage > DCIM > {folder name} > You can now copy/cut the images out.

locate iphone pictures


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