iPhone and iPad – Configure the Cisco VPN Client

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You have already configured a Cisco ASA / PIX device to provide Client VPN connectivity, and you now wish to configure the iPhone/iPad Device.


Note: The screen shots are taken from an iPhone running (4.2.1) the process for iPad is the same.

1. Select Settings.

iphone settings

2. Select General.

iphone settings general

3. Select Network.

iphone network settings

4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select VPN.

iphone vpn

5. Add VPN Configuration.

iphone vpn configuration

6. Select IPSec.

iphone ipsec

7. Description = the connection a simple name > Server = Either the IP address or public name of the firewall > Account > Your username.

<emptyphone cissco vpn settings>

8. Group Name = Is the VPN group configured on the firewall > Secret = Is the shared secret for this Group Name.

iphone vpn group

Where do you get this information from? Basically from your IT department, they can find out by issuing a “more system:running-config” command on the firewall


9. Flick the VPN switch to “On”.

enable iphone vpn enable

10. Enter your username and password > OK.

vpn username and password for iphone

11. It may say “Starting” for a while.

connect iphone vpn

12. “Connected” is what we are looking for.

vpn connected

14. For the duration of the connection you will see the “VPN” icon on the phones information bar.

vpn icon iphone


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