Sonicwall 2040 Port Forwarding

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You would like to set up port forwarding on a Sonicwall 2040, in this example I will assume we are forwarding SMTP (TCP port 25).

Sonicwall Pro 2040 – System Screen

sonicwall port forward

Note: Notice the “Network Interfaces” section, take note of the names of the interfaces and what they are doing, this will become relevant later.


1. Log into the Sonicwall’s management console.

2. If you have not already done so create an address object for the server you are going to port forward to (Network > Address Objects > Scroll down > Add).

sonicwall address object

3. Service creation > If you have not already done so you need to create a “Service” (Firewall > Services > scroll to the bottom >Add) Note: This example is for HTTPS on port 443, for mail simply create SMTP on Port 25).

sonicwall service

3. Expand Network > NAT Policies > Add > Original Source = Any > Translated Source = Original > Original Destination = WAN Interface IP > Translated Destination = {the object you created in step 1} > Original Service = {the service you created in step 2}> Translated Source = Original > Inbound Interface = X1 (default for outside) > Outbound interface = Any > Description = {a relevant comment} > OK.

<empty>port forwarding sonicwall

4. Now you want to allow the traffic in expand Firewall > Access Rules > WAN to LAN > Add > Service = {the service you created in step 2} > Source = Any >Designation = WAN Interface IP > Users Allowed = All > Schedule = Always on > Comment = {a relative comment} > OK.

sonicwall access rule


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