Exchange 2010 – Error in IIS Manager When Editing Authentication

KB ID 0000340 


Whist in IIS Manager and attempting to edit the authentication for the Exchange directory you see the following error,

exchange there was an error performing this operation

Error reads,

There was an error while performing this operation.


Filename: ?C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerV14ClientAccessowaweb.config. Line number: 30 Error: Configuration section not allowed to be set below application.


1. Navigate to C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerV14ClientAccessowa > Locate the web.config file and save a copy to your desktop as a backup.

web.config copy

2. Edit the original file and go to line 30 (use the arrow down key and count if you don’t have a code editor) I simply used notepad. At Line 30 delete the line that contains “<authentication mode=”windows” />” then save the file.

authentication mode

3. Then restart web services, click Start > in the run/search box type cmd{enter} > Execute the following command,

iisreset /noforce

restart iis


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