Message ID 6600: sms wsus configuration manager failed to configure upstream server

KB ID 0000313


Seen in the SMS_WSUS_SYNC_MANAGER component status.

failed to configure upstream server


This is basically a comms/configuration error, so make sure if you have the firewall on, the correct ports are open! In my case I’d configured the SCCM server as per my own instructions here.

But when I configured the Software Update Point (SUP) I’d told it to use Ports 80 and 443.

1. To check yours, click Start > Administrative Tools > IIS Manager > Locate the “WSUS Administration” site and check the port numbers. (See Mine are 8530 and 8531).

wsus administration

2. You can simply remove your Software Update Point and add it back in with the correct port numbers (Its under Site Database > Site Management > {Your Site} > Site systems > Server name.

wsus site


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