Can’t see Google Ads!

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I had this “Problem” for a while, at first I thought it was a setting in Google Chrome that needed enabling, and the odd internet search suggested a “Java problem” or “Scripting is disabled”. Either that or a pop up blocker of some AV software was the problem.

I was sure it was NOT a browser specific problem, IE, Chrome and Firefox were all the same! The answer when I found it was annoyingly simple.

with adswithout ads
With and without my Ads


The problem was, some time ago I downloaded a huge “hosts” file that had links in it that stopped nasty sites and pop up hosting naughty types hostname’s, that pointed the IP address to (which as any networking type will tell you is the “Loop back to yourself IP address”.

1. Your host file lives at c:Windowssystem32driversetc you can open and edit it with notepad.

hosts file

2. Remove any references to Google and Googlesyndication. (2nd and 3rd lines below).

loopback address in hosts

Then either reboot or, Start > cmd > and issue the following command,

ipconfig /flushdns


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