Installing the HP Power Agent on ESX

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Assuming you already have the HP Power Monitor installed on another server (Windows or Linux) and you want to add the ESX server as a device.


1. Download the HP Linux Power Agent i.e. hppm40-linux-remote-agt.tar

2. Use a utility like 7Zip to extract the files in the agent to a folder on your computers C drive.

power agent for esx

3. Create a username and password on the ESX Server.

create new esx user

4. Install FastSCP on your Laptop

5. File > Add Server > Give it the IP address > Supply the root credentials.

6. Supply the user credentials you created earlier > And the root password.

fast scp ssh settings

7. Next > Tick “Connect When I click Finish”.

veeam fast scp

8. Expand the ESX Server and etc folder > Inthe right hand window, right click and select “New Folder.”

configure fast scp for esx

9. Copy the Files you extracted in step 2 to the new folder on the ESX Server.

upload files to esx

copy files to esx

10. Go to the ESX Server console and login as root.

11. Execute the following commands,

cd /etc/power

12. Press the Space Bar (A LOT) to get to the end of the EULA.

13. Type yes to accept.

14. Type in the IP address of the server running HP Power Manager (or simply type an asterisk for all IP addresses).

15. The service should start.

WARNING: By Default it WON’T work, the ESX firewall will block the traffic so you need to run the following two commands,

esxcfg-firewall –openPort 3573,tcp,in,HPPMAgent
service DevMan restart

16. Now add the ESX Server into to HP Power Manager Console.

17. Attached Devices > Add New Device >Add in the IP of the ESX server and the load bank it’s plugged into on the UPS.

add esx to power manager

18. Save changes > you will need to press “Refresh Page” a few times, before it will go green.

esx hp poer manager

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