HP MSA 2000 G2 Firmware update loop

KB ID 0000248 


Seen on HP MSA2324sa G2.

msa 2000

You attempt to upgrade the firmware on this unit and, it applies to the first controller, that restarts and then it constantly tries to update the other controller.


If you’re reading this then you’re probably already in an upgrade loop? The fist step is to stop it looping then sort the firmware out.

1. Remove controller B (bottom one) from the SAN, (Slacken the 2 thumb screws on the end of the controller, then press the release catches DOWN to eject the controller).

MSA remove controller

2. Connect to the web management console of controller A > Select the SAN > Configuration > Advanced Settings > Firmware > Untick the “Partner Firmware Update” option > Apply.

HP MSA Manager

3. Check the firmware version > If controller A needs updating > Tools > Update Firmware > Browse to the downloaded firmware update.

Storage Management  Utility

4. Restart the controller, this can take a while, what I tend to do is connect the serial cable to the controller, open a HyperTerminal Session (Settings 115200-8-N-1-Off) then issue a “show controllers” command and repeat till it is back up again.

5. Shut down the SAN, replace controller B, and remove controller A > Power on the SAN >The repeat the firmware update on controller B.

6. When done restart controller B.


Note You can manually downgrade the firmware on controller B if you DONT want to disable Partner Firmware upgrades.

CLI Note: You can restart the controllers form a console session with the following, commands

restart mc both {enter} Restarts controllers A and B.


restart mc a {enter} Only restarts controller A.
restart mc b {enter}
Only restarts controller B.


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