Set up a PIX Firewall with the PDM

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The following procedure is a complete run though on setting up a Cisco PIX Firewall (PIX 501, 506, 506E, 515, 515E, 520, 525, or 535) via the HTTPS GUI front end (PDM). Note: the PDM will only work with firewall operating systems BEFORE version 7.x.(x). Therefore PIX platforms that are 515E, 525 or 535 should be running version 7.x(x) or above and should be web managed via the ASDM. Unless you are out of support contract and are stuck with the PDM.

This assumes that the PIX has been set to factory defaults. (i.e. the inside IP address is, DHCP is enabled inside and https access has been allowed to If in doubt perform a factory reset.

Note: the PDM is an OLD piece of technology, if you cant connect to it from your PC then the culprit is nearly always Java, your version is TO NEW, use the one in the download section. Also you CANT connect thought a proxy server, so bypass/disable that as well.


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