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I wrote a walkthough on drawing box’s earlier, the second thing I tend to do, is put arrows on my diagrams to point things out.


1. OK, so I’ve got my graphic, and I know something about it thats not obvious at first glance.


2. So I’ll open it with Photoshop and put an arrow on it. Firstly Select the “Line tool”.

line tool photoshop

3. On the toolbar at the top select the drop down arrow next to the free form tool > And tick the Arrowheads “End” box. Note: for a larger line/arrow width, change the weight from 1px (pixel).

arrowhead photoshop

Note: This mas moved in Photoshop CS6.

Photoshop CS6 Line Arrows


4. Click and drag on the graphic where you want the arrow to start and stop.

photoshop arrows

Yes that’s correct this girls nose and mouth are on upside down, did you spot that originally?


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