You cannot upgrade this prerelease version of Windows 7

Performing an upgrade from Windows 7 Pre-Release

KB ID 0000188


If your running the “Pre Release” version of Windows 7 it going to stop working 28/02/10, and when you try and upgrade it you will see this error.


There is no direct upgrade path, from the Pre-Release, however all its not lost, simply do the following.

Note: This will only work if your upgrading to Windows 7 Ultimate (All the Pre-release versions are ultimate).


1. Are you installing the NEW version of windows 7 from a DVD or an ISO image? If it’s an ISO Image, then simply open the image with 7-Zip (Its free), Use that utility to extract all the files to your desktop. If you installing from a DVD then copy all the files from the DVD to a folder on your desktop.

open iso image

2. Navigate to the “sources” folder in there you will find a file called cversion.ini double click it to open it with notepad.

sources folder

3. Locate the line that says “MinClient=7233.0” and change it so it reads “MinClient=7000.0”.


4. Save the file with the new value.

5. Now run setup.exe from the root of the folder (go up a level).

run setup.exe

6. Windows Install will launch, click “Install now”.

install now

7. Choose “Upgrade” when prompted, ignore any warnings about incompatible programs your already running them on Windows 7.

<epgrade windows 7mpty>


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