Deploy a Router in your ESX Environment

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ESX is designed for building both enterprise class networks, and networks solely for test purposes. That’s all fine and dandy but what if you want turn on DHCP in your network but still have it connected to the outside world? Yes you could deploy a Windows server running Routing and Remote Access – as a router, but that seems to be overkill in the extreme. In the past I’ve done articles on deploying virtual firewalls. But again that might be a little too much for your scenario.


To solve the problem, we can do what VMware do on their own training courses, for anyone who has done a VCP3 or VCP4 course you will have seen this router deployed in one of the labs.

FreeSco is a linux router on a floppy disk, (Microsoft Disciples “don’t panic” there will be next to no sandal wearing coming up). I hunted all over the internet for the version I used on my course and most of the links I found are dead, or provide a router we don’t know the root password for. However after much searching I found one that works, we know the password for,and can be configured.

1. Download the floppy image HERE

2. Follow the instructions below (Note: this was done in ESX3 the process for vSphpere is the same).

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