Windows – Minimised Windows Don’t Restore/Maximise

KB ID 0000155 


I’ve seen this a couple of times with various applications, I don’t know it ifs a Windows problem, or simply the code in the application that faults, anyway it affected mRemote which I use on a daily basis, so I needed to fix it (Note: I’ve seen this on Java based applications as well).

At first I assumed it was a multiple monitor problem, I use dual monitors in the office and thought the window was opening on the “non existent” monitor when I was out. Normally I’d cure that by right clicking the minimised icon on the task bar, select “Move” and dragging it back to the monitor. That options not there in Windows 7 (Well it is, but that wont fix it either!)


1. While holding the “Shift” key, right click the minimized applications task bar icon. (This brings up the OLD Style windows properties).

2. Select Maximize.

3. Simple as that 🙂

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Author: Migrated

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