Import and Export Data To and From Outlook 2010

Backup and restore from .pst file

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You want to import your mail from Outlook 2000/2003 into your new Outlook 2010 mailbox, or you simply want to backup your mail.


Thankfully the process is the same for Outlook 2010 as it was for previous versions of Outlook, they have just moved the wizard.

1. In Outlook 2010 > Select the “File” Tab > Open > Import (hopefully after Beta this will say Import/Export).

2. Export to a file.

3. Outlook Data File (.pst).

4. Select your mailbox, I’m using a POP account here so it says Personal Folders, With an Exchange EMail account it would say Mailbox – {username} > To back up everything (calendar contacts the lot), tick “Include sub folders” > Next.

5. Choose a location to save the .pst file.

6. If you want to password protect this (remember someone can import your .pst and read all your mail). I usually leave this option blank > OK.

7. After a few seconds the mailbox will export. (Note: if the mailbox is very small this might happen so quickly nothing is displayed on the screen).

8. And there it is.

To “Import” your mailbox,

1. Launch thewWizard as above (Step 1) > Select “Import from another program or file” > Next.

2. Outlook Data File (.pst) >Next.

3. Browse to, and select your .pst file > Next.

4. Stop and think! where do you want to import the files to? Select as appropriate > Finish (Note at this point if the .pst is password protected you will be prompted for a password).

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